The Northern Ireland Connection

Throughout this campaign, the UK branch have been working closely with the Northern Irish peace-building charity Beyond Skin, whose partnership programme with the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in 2020–21 was one of just 12 projects shortlisted for this year’s National Lottery Project of the Year competition. You can read more about Beyond Skin’s extraordinary collaboration with Afghanistan’s young musicians here, including videos.

Several Northern Ireland politicians, including Westminster MPs and Stormont MLAs, as well as representatives of major civil society and arts organisations in the Province, have signed our Sunday Times letter. This important development that has rightly has been highlighted by the BBC Northern Ireland on 05 October 2021.

The widespread backing of Northern Ireland’s leading politicians and civil society leaders to the Campaign to Protect Afghanistan’s Musicians indicates the strength and depth of support across the Province to offer resettlement placements to musicians and artists at risk.

Northern Ireland is showing the rest of the UK the way in its welcoming response to this humanitarian crisis through the development of a Musicians/Artists At Risk Resettlement Scheme (MAARRS).

Published by afghanmusicians An international coordination effort advocating for all Afghanistan's musicians in a time of crisis, along with their extraordinarily rich musical traditions, from the classical rabab to the latest pop music. Lead co-ordinator, Dr Katherine Schofield.

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