Afghanistan’s Musicians in Gal-Dem

The award-winning magazine gal-dem has featured the plight of Afghanistan’s musicians, as well as our Campaign to help them, in a beautiful article by writer Safi Bugel. In her interview with Katherine Schofield, our campaign coordinator noted:

There is no room for music or musicians under the Taliban. These people are not rich or well connected; they can’t mortgage their houses or leverage their contacts to get out. They have only the thin, but powerful, thread of solidarity that connects them to others abroad who care that if they stay in Afghanistan they will starve or be killed. Literally their only hope is for governments elsewhere to recognise their rights and grant them humanitarian protection.

Thank you to Safi, gal-dem, and editor Tara Joshi for their incredible support of Afghanistan’s musicians through raising public awareness.

Edit of photography by World Economic Forum: the Afghan Women’s Orchestra, Zohra

Published by afghanmusicians An international coordination effort advocating for all Afghanistan's musicians in a time of crisis, along with their extraordinarily rich musical traditions, from the classical rabab to the latest pop music. Lead co-ordinator, Dr Katherine Schofield.

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