Feed the Soul Winter Fundraisers

Give a little bit of life.

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Chai stop. Afghanistan Matters, photograph by Ian Cochrane

It’s a cold hard fact. Without the world’s help, more than half the population of Afghanistan will starve this winter.

We’re teaming up with UK registered charities SAA-UK and Daanish Foundation UK on 11 December & 18 December to hold concerts to raise funds for food, fuel, and winter clothing for jobless musicians and their families in Afghanistan during the winter.

Just £40 is enough to help a family of 5 survive for one month. If you prefer to donate rather than buy concert tickets, you can do so directly here

Any additional funds raised will be donated to supporting other vulnerable groups.

For more information on the dire humanitarian and economic situation in Afghanistan right now, please visit the World Food Programme’s website.

Give a little bit of life.