How You Can Help

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Befriend displaced musicians

Afghan refugees are now being resettled around the world. Although very few of them so far are professional musicians, most Afghans are amateur musicians or singers and miss the music of their homeland.

Get involved with local organisations helping refugees with education and cultural projects. Donate instruments and spaces for musical gatherings, rehearsals and concerts.

If you are a professional musician, introduce them into your professional networks. Help them sign up with your national Musicians’ Union. Lend or give them instruments if they had to destroy theirs or leave them behind. Give them gigs and spaces to rehearse and perform in.

These talented people don’t need charity — they need opportunities to give their incredible talents to their new homes away from home, and to keep their homes alive in their hearts through music making.

Raising funds

Donate to our Give A Little Bit of Life — Save Afghanistan’s Musicians GoFundMe Campaign

Donate to SoundCentral’s Save Afghan Musicians Campaign for musicians and/or their Campaign for Sufis

Buy tickets for one of our Feed The Soul events, or email us to find out how you can put on a Feed The Soul event of your own!

Use your voice

Sign our open letter via or by emailing

Promote our campaigns and concerts on social media.

Write to your state or federal parliamentary representative.